We are open every day of the week, and all groups are now private – just your crew in the game show! Book your show today!

Group Size 6-18

If your group size is 6-18, you can book your show instantly any day of the week by clicking your applicable city’s ticket button above. If your group is 19 or more click the Large Group button and complete the form.

Large Groups 19-64+

Game Show Battle Rooms is perfect for extra large groups of 19-64+! The more people the more fun the experience is! All large groups are private. Our normal max per game show arena is 32 participants, and if we utilize both game show arenas you could have up to 64 participants at the same time (32 participants in Classic Showdowns and 32 in Primetime Showdowns). Click on the link below to learn more and submit a request to book your next large game show event!

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