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If your group is between 19-64+ participants, or if you have questions, please fill out the form above. If your group is 6-18 participants you can book instantly online; click here and then select the city you wish to book for.

$34.95 per ticket for onsite shows, and $24.95 per ticket for virtual shows.

Our minimum is 6 participants and our max is 64+ participants (about 32 guests per game show arena). We can accommodate more than 64+ but we would need to have you come in separate waves. For example, some very large groups will come with 64 while the other 64 are having lunch, and then the group that did the game show now does lunch and the group that did lunch now does the game show. A swap!

All of our game shows follow the same process and are an amazing experience whether the show is for your team-building event or a birthday party or a friend or family group. The only difference is that based on your group’s age and type our Tech/Producer of your show may select different questions in each game best suited your group. For example, we may give more difficult questions to a corporate groups vs a group of 10 year olds. You just show up ready to have fun and we’ll take care of the rest!

Game Show Battle Rooms is great for all types of team-building groups! We have hosted hundreds of corporate groups, small business teams, non-profit groups, sports teams, club teams, school groups, boy scouts, girl scouts, and more!

MINNEAPOLIS: No food, but we now sell beer and hard seltzers and pop/water that you can bring into the game show arena.

MILWAUKEE: No food, but we do sell beer, white claws, and pop/water that you can bring into the game show arena.

KANSAS CITY: We have beer, white claws, pop, water, and other beverages for sale, along with some candy/snacks that you can bring into the game show arena.

DALLAS: No food, but we do sell beer and white claws and soda/water that you can bring into the game show arena.

INDIANAPOLIS: No food, but we do sell beer and white claws and soda/water that you can bring into the game show arena.

PHOENIX: No food. We are in the process of getting our beer/seltzer license and hope to be serving by early 2023. BYOB is not allowed. Soda, water, and sports drinks will be available for purchase onsite. Thank you for your patience!

COLUMBUS: No food, but we do sell beer, high noons, white claws, and soda/water that you can bring into the game show arena.

When we have extra large groups we can split them up into two groups. The first group of let’s say 64 participants experiences the game show, while the other 64 have lunch or early dinner offsite at a nearby restaurant. Then switch, the group that was eating now does the game show while the other group has their lunch/dinner. Complete the team-building event form above to get started! We’ll respond within 24 hours and help you set up an unforgettable game show experience for your team.

Absolutely! If your group size is up to 18 you will have one hour playing the game shows in the arena. With our larger groups of 19+ we give your team a custom 1 hour & 15 minute experience instead of the regular one hour. During the 1 hour & 15 minute show your team will rotate evenly between being a contestant and “live audience.” Everyone will be able to play each of the game shows. We have chairs available in the back of the room to relax and cheer your team on! Please note that you will not receive a 1 hour & 15 minute experience unless your original booking is for 19+ guests, or if you want to increase your booking size to a 1 hour & 15 minute experience from a 1 hour experience it will be subject to availability and also requires at least one week prior confirmation from the booking manager.

If you would like to change your booking numbers please reach out to your booking manager at your appropriate location – contact info here.

We rotate all of our game content every month, and have multiple versions of each arena to help ensure no one will have the same experience twice!

If you need to make changes to your event please send an email to the appropriate location email address – contact info here.


  • If you cancel your show 5 or more days in advance of your booking time, you will receive a full refund.

  • If you cancel your show 4 or fewer days in advance of your booking time, you will not receive a refund (we would recommend rescheduling).


  • You may reschedule your show if you provide at least 48 hours’ notice. If you need to reschedule within that 48-hour window, there is a $40 rescheduling fee.

  • You may reschedule your show with 48 hours’ notice and incur no fee if extreme weather or Covid related circumstances prevent your group from attending.

Refunds on Tickets

  • You may reduce the number of tickets and receive a refund if you provide at least 5-days’ notice. Note, you can add tickets to your booking by emailing the location. You can also add tickets onsite on the day of your booking.

If you do not have any interest in being a “contestant” you are welcome to come watch, but why miss out on all the fun! Note, there is a charge for significantly sized audiences.

Yes! We have all free parking in the parking lot in front of our building, and sometimes available street parking. 

Totally up to you! We have many ways of picking teams once everyone arrives, otherwise if you want to have your group split up before you come you can do this as well!

Yes, for large groups of 19+, we do add a minimum required gratuity of 8% for the greater coordination, energy and effort hosting extra large groups. That gratuity is split evenly between the dedicated hosts and techs of your show. Thank you in advance – our mission is to provide you with the an unforgettable experience!

Yes, we are wheelchair friendly, as all of our arenas are on the ground floor and easily accessed with a wheelchair.

Yes! We have a new Virtual Game Show Battle Rooms experience where you can face-off virtually against your friends, family, or coworkers from across the street or across the globe! Visit our Virtual Game Show Battle Rooms page here to learn more!




“Teams with highly engaged employees earn 2x the annual net income of companies with low engagement levels.”

-Kenexa Research Institute

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