We’re glad you stopped by to visit Game Show Battle Rooms website! People who are visiting us for the first time often have questions. Here are a few of the most common ones:

Game Show Battle Rooms is one of the nation’s only game show experiences available for everyone: friends, family, and coworkers! We provide an immersive game show arena, engaging hosts, and a mix of different game shows to create an unforgettable experience. Perfect for birthday parties, friend or family outings, corporate team-building events, bachelor(ette) parties, cub scouts, clubs, sports teams or just for fun! The experience is best when you have at least 8 people, and we can host groups up to 64! Also, checkout our new Virtual Game Show Battle Rooms experience!

When you arrive onsite to our game show location with your group, we spilt you up into two teams – a red team and a blue team. You pick out a fun team name, fill out your game show name tags, and we prep you to face-off. We bring you into the custom games show arena and you play three different game show games. Each round of the game show is worth a “Battle Point”. The team with the most Battle Points at the end of the game show is considered the game show champion! The winning team goes on the Champions Wall of Fame in the lobby for eternal bragging rights!

The cost is $34.95 per person plus tax. Virtual show is $24.95 per person plus tax.

Yes, you do need to please book in advance. We do not accept “walk-ins.”

We are open 7 days a week! If your group size is 6-18 participants you can check availability and book instantly online by clicking a “Book a Show!” button on your desired city location page. If you have a larger group than what is listed see below.

Have a Large Group?

Large groups are a blast! If you want to book a large private group of 19-64+ participants, please submit a team-building event request form by clicking on the link below and we will help find availability and help you book your event.

Yes! The Game Show is perfect for your next corporate, work, club, sports or any team-building outing for 6-64+ guests. Open 7 days a week and all groups are private! If your group size is 6-18 you can book instantly online by clicking a “Book Now” button on your desired location page. Or if your group size is 19-64+ please complete the quick form on the Team-Building page by clicking the link below.

Yes! You may add tickets to your booking by emailing or calling the applicable location you booked with.

Simply arrive at your booking time, no need to arrive any earlier.

There is a short period of preliminary info before the game show starts including getting name tags on, forming teams and going over game rules.

Note, the timer for the experience doesn’t start at your booking time, it starts when the first game show starts in the arena. For example, if your show was booked at 1pm, you should arrive at 1pm. Your group would get name tags, get into teams, and go over rules from about 1-1:15pm. And then your game show experience in the arena would last 1 hour from about 1:15-2:15pm. Then there would be pictures/wrap-up afterward and you would leave around 2:20-2:30pm. So budget about 1 hour and 30 minutes if your group is 6-18 guests, and budget 1 hour and 45 minutes if your group is 19+ guests (you get an extra 15 minutes of game play in the arena for larger groups).

We recommend ages 10 and up get the most out of the experience, but we’re flexible especially if there are younger players with older family members/adults. Players that are 15 and under should be accompanied by an adult.

Yes! We also developed a Virtual Game Show Battle Rooms experience where you can face-off against anyone, anywhere using Zoom, all facilitated by our Game Show Hosts! You get to play several different game shows over the course of an hour, for groups of 6 to 500+. Perfect for large corporate team-building groups. The price is $24.95 per person. Check out our Virtual Show page to learn more and book your show today!

Yes! We have a new kids show with the same game show games respectively in Classic Showdowns and Primetime Showdowns experience except that the questions and answers are designed for kids (about ages 10-15). You may choose this experience upon arrival or stick with the regular show, your choice. For kids groups that are under 16 years old an adult chaperone 18 years or older is required.

If a booking time slot says “wait list”, that means that time has been booked by another customer and is unavailable. If you input your name, email, and phone number into a time slot’s wait list you will be notified if the customer were to cancel (which is rare). A wait list entry does not guarantee a reservation. There is no guarantee on when/if the customer on the time slot will cancel.

Yes, your show will be private with just the group you bring. And every show will have one dedicated game show host and one tech/producer facilitating your amazing show.

The most common length is 1 hour of play in the game show arena.

If your group is 18 or less people it will always be one hour in the game show arena.

​If your group is 19+ people, and your original booking is for 19+ people then you will get an extra 15 minutes of game play for a total of 1 hour 15 minutes. Teams will rotate between being the contestant and the audience. Please note that if your original booking is for 18 or less people, you will not receive a 1 hour 15 minute experience if you show up with more than 18 people on your game show day.

Increasing a show to a 1 hour 15 minute experience is subject to scheduling availability and also would require minimum one week prior notification to the manager, confirmation, and advanced payment of the extra guests. Thank you for your understanding, as 1 hour 15 minute shows have an impact on staff and scheduling of shows and availability and preparation is needed for everything to run smoothly.




If there is extreme weather (ex. snow storms, tornadoes) we allow – and may require – rescheduling day of your event for your safety and our staff safety. 

MINNEAPOLIS: No food, but we now sell beer and hard seltzers and pop/water that you can bring into the game show arena.

MILWAUKEE: No food, but we do sell beer, white claws, and pop/water that you can bring into the game show arena.

KANSAS CITY: We have beer, white claws, pop, water, and other beverages for sale, along with some candy/snacks that you can bring into the game show arena.

DALLAS: No food, but we do sell beer and white claws and soda/water that you can bring into the game show arena.

INDIANAPOLIS: No food, but we do sell beer and white claws and soda/water that you can bring into the game show arena.

PHOENIX: No food, but we do sell beer, hard seltzers, soda/water that you can bring into the game show arena.

COLUMBUS: No food, but we do sell beer, high noons, white claws, and soda/water that you can bring into the game show arena.

You may not bring in your own alcohol to our facilities. Thank you for your understanding.

Yes, we continually have fresh game show questions/answers every month for each game show experience, as well as mix up the Time Rush Games (60 second skill challenges in Primetime Showdowns). We’d love to have you back again!

Yes, please complete the online waiver form in advance of coming by clicking on this link. For guests under 18 a parent must complete the online waiver form for them.

We are open and have enhanced cleaning and disinfecting between each and every show. All groups will be private, meaning you will be just with the guests in your group. According to CDC guidelines masks are no longer required for our customers/workers, and it is personal choice. Hand sanitizer will be available. Please email specific locations if you have questions. Thank you!

Yes, there may be some restrictions on certain game show games though. We would recommend booking the “Classic Showdowns” room as it requires less moving around.

No, Game Show Battle Rooms is an independent company and not affiliated or endorsed by any other company. And a friendly reminder that you will not be on television, and this is not endorsed or affiliated by any television show. This is a unique, live event and just for fun. Sorry, no prizes, but if you’re the game show champion you get eternal bragging rights!

Yes! We have a fun, new bachelor/bachelorette show where questions are themed around getting engaged/married! If you have a bachelor/bachelorette experience let our hosts know when you arrive and we can be sure to play this version!

Yes, we are always looking to add talented game show hosts and techs to our staffs who are committed to providing an unforgettable guest experience, and looking for a fun and friendly place to work. Please complete the application on our Employment Page

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